Difference Between Dual and Quad Core Processors in Android

The emergence of Android Smartphones have changed the perception of people towards technology. At present, consumers are provided with wide range of alternative that are made to address varied needs. Some may prefer a smartphone for gaming, while some may opt for prolonged battery life. However, the Difference Between Dual Core and Quad Core Processors for Android play a major role in the selection of an Android Smartphone.

As Android continues its monopoly and domination in the mobile OS market globally, there are millions of peoples across the world who prefer Android enabled mobile devices over other alternatives for their entertainment. It can be witnessed day by day consistent growth of android enabled devices in the market at global level. Many of us purchase Android phones with general specifications in mind, that include processor capacity, RAM, interactive graphics quality, 3G, 4G Internet, GPS and more.

In today’s competitive market we have many types of processors available for Android mobile devices. But, Quad-Core and Dual-Core processors are the most preferable and popular processors with which user can experience HD quality graphics, high power RAM, advance application interface and much more. Dual core and Quad core processors are highly efficient in the development of powerful android phones. Here's is an overview of  what dual core and quad core processors are and how both processors are different in terms of their efficiency and other aspects

Helpful Tip: Try to buy advanced smartphones to avoid lagging or slowness in smartphones after 3-12 months.

Quad Core Processor

A quad core processor is a chip with four independent units called Cores. It reads and executes the CPU instructions such as Move data, Add data and much more.  The individual cores embedded in quad core processor can run multiple instructions at same time. Quad core processor have benefits over dual core processors such as:
  • Faster multitasking
  • Faster web page load times
  • High Definition quality gaming
  • Considerably low power consumption
  • High performance for high-end applications

Most of the mobile companies implements quad core processors on their Android devices to promote their smartphones in order to penetrate the market . Quad core processors is twice as fast as a dual-core processor. In recent developments, Intel introduced Core 2 Extreme quad core mobile processor which has four cores processing multiple threads and multiple tasks at exceptional speeds.

Dual Core Processor

The dual core processor has two separates cores on the same die, and each core is embellished with its own cache. It has two microprocessor in one. Many manufacturers launched dual core processors in many android devices. A dual-core processor chip can often provide better performance than a generally used traditional single-core processor. Furthermore, some dual-core chips provide better performance at the expense of battery life, compared to quad-core chips. The advantage of going dual-core in today’s phones is that it offers more capability for multitasking.

Delivering efficient performance, dual core processors also posses certain benefits in comparison to  to the quad core processors such as:
  • Much faster speed of mobile phones as application instructions are handled by two processors.
  • Efficient processing performance and decreases overheating of device.
  • Dual core processors also low power consumption than twin-core processors.
  • Has an upper hand in multitasking.
Note: Go through technical specifications such as Processor, RAM, ROM, and HD/FHD Graphics before buying any smartphone available in the market. Furthermore, in order to get rid of slow performance of the device it is recommended to get rid of unwarranted applications.

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