What is myLot and How Does it Work: Making Money and Friends

There are number of ways by which an individual can make money on the Internet, be it by the means of blogging or by engaging in affiliate marketing, but sometimes people find it hard to show dedication and consistency. However, there are certain platforms that pays you for the opinions you provide, and one such is myLot.com.

What is myLot.com?

myLot.com or simply myLot is an online platform that pays users to participate in the discussions. In order to put in simple terms, myLot.com is a venue where a person registers himself and gets paid for asking questions and for answering questions that are posted by others. myLot.com is a highly influential platform where one can earn a lot of money and also enhance his knowledge in different fields. All you need to do is Sign Up and you are good to go and earn huge amount of money.

How Can You Earn Through myLot.com?

myLot.com allow you to earn by the means of  Discussion, Sharing Photos, Level of Activity and Chatting. myLot.com has implemented an innovative mechanism that  is devised to help each and every internet user from different parts of the world. No matter where you are from, with myLot.com you can earn without any complication.

The means to make or earn money on myLot is easy and can be done by the means of:
  • Posting a new discussion,
  • Responding to a current discussion
  • Commenting on a current discussion
  • Referring friends

myLot Referral Program

myLot.com also allows users to earn by the means of its referral program by which you can invite your friends and family to join myLot.com and earn 25% of earnings of the users you refer. To initiate your earning through referral program use given link http://www.myLot.com?ref=username*. Replace username above, with your own myLot username.

myLot Payment Mode

myLot.com ensures that there is sheer transparency maintained in monetary transactions. Users associated with myLot.com will be paid every month for a threshold of $10 and the amount that remains unpaid shall be carried forward to next month. Furthermore, myLot.com allows users to fix a threshold of payment ranging from $25, $50 or $100. The payments are made in US dollars and transactions are carried out through carriers like PayPal or e-gold. myLot.com does not take undertaking for fees incurred  in transations such as translation fees, bank fees, credit card fees, PayPal fees, etc.

Discussion Community Guidelines for myLot.com

myLot.com is a place where people can discuss over topics of different interest, but there are certain guidelines that are to be taken into consideration for posting. Here are the guidelines for posting on myLot.com:
  • Personal attacks, flaming, harassment, or trolling of any kind.
  • Any type of racist or discriminatory remarks.
  • Posting "adult" content, stories or images.
  • Criticizing users for bad or broken English.
  • Posting in a language other than English.
  • Using all-caps, excessive punctuation, or "text speak".
  • Using misspellings to circumvent the profanity filter.
  • Advertising of any sort .
  • New discussions directed towards only one or a small group of other members.
  • Posting plagiarised or copyrighted content.
  • Posting personal milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
  • Excessive complaining.
  • Discussions, responses or comments that offer little or no value.
  • Spammy, inappropriate or irrelevant tagging.
  • Posting mindless polls such as "How old are you?" or "Let's see how high we can count, I'll start with one?" 
  • Posting personal information such as street addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc. of yourself or others.
  • Directing other users towards scams.
  • Creating multiple accounts.
  • Requesting donations, posting charity requests or petitions.
  • Posting jokes, recipes, "top lists", chain emails, or discussions consisting of only a quote.
In order to prevent yourself from getting banned from myLot.com, simply adhere to above furnished guidelines.

myLot.com- FAQ

In order to get you queries and concerns redressed in a timely manner, check of the myLot.com Frequently Asked Questions.

myLot Contact Information

Team myLot is avialable at round the clock disposal of user across the globe. In order to get in touch with myLot.com, adhere to following means:
Mailing Address: 340 S Lemon Ave, Walnut, CA 91789.
Email Address: contact@mylot.com

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