How to Download WWE 12 for Free and Play on PC

WWE 12 has been one of the best Games by World Wrestling Entertainment that was devised for PC's.
The game-play of WWE 12 is quite advanced as compared to earlier versions of the game that were release for PC's. This article will guide you on "How to Download WWE 12 for Free and Play on PC"

How to Download WWE 12 for Free

  • Go to this link and download your game.
  • Now extract your game to the desktop after downloading and then it's done.
  • Open the small icon of WWE to open the Game. 
  • After opening the game, you are good to go for hours of WWE 12.

How To Play WWE 12 On PC

WWE 12 has a pretty simplified control that can be learned within few minutes of gameplay. To know how to play WWE 12 on PC, refer to given instructions.
  • ↑→↓←  Use Arrow keys to move around in the ring 
  • Press twice ↑↑ or ↓↓ or →→ or ←← arrow key to run a player in a specific direction.
  • Press "A"  Button for Taunts. Moreover, pressing "A" button during the match will also help in boosting your voltage, which can help in performing a finisher sooner.
  • Press "C" Button to block attacks of opponent.
  • Press "D" Button to perform an Attack

Dangerous Attacks

Such attacks are very dangerous  and can be performed by pressing buttons in following combinations
"D" + ↑ or "D" + ↓ or "D" + → or "D" + ←

When you grapple any opponent and press the following keys to execute a move
"S" + ↑ Or ↓ Or → Or ←

How To Perform a Finisher in WWE 12.

During the game play, when your opponent is totally exhausted and your Voltage(Energy) meter flashes, press these keys to perform a finisher on your opponent. To perform finisher with any specific character,  press "A" + "S" .the meter is high.

Note: After performing Finisher on your opponent in WWE 12, you can easily secure a victory by
going for pinfall.

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