How To Get 100K Real Followers on Instagram

Instagram has gained huge popularity among masses for its inventive approach towards socialising and not only it has proven beneficial if viewed from personal perspective, but it has helped businesses in reaching audiences in much better and improved manner.

What most of the new businesses using Instagram fail to realise is that it takes time to gain audiences as compared to already established brands as they already have huge following. A business can slowly gain followers on Instagram with certain factors that are in favour, some of them being brand name, quality, etc. But by adhering to an effective strategy you can gain up to 100K or more Followers on Instagram in considerably less amount of time.

Why is there need to Increase Instagram Followers?

  • To expand reach to audiences, not only locally, but also at a global context.
  • To market products in a much better manner.
  • To reduce the cost of marketing a product, as Instagram allows you to post pictures and videos with much ease.
  • Branding aspect of Instagram cannot be neglected in contemporary time.
  • Helps to connect with consumers at a one on one level.
  • Maintains a sort of transparency between consumers and products.
  • Not to mention, better sales figure can be attained on Instagram.
  • As word of mouth spreads faster, higher the number of followers, better it is for your operations.

11 Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

If adhered to following guidelines one can easily gain a huge and healthy follower base without facing any hurdles.
  • Follow Pages that are relevant to you Business: Being in a business you must have already discovered your Niche and when you start an Instagram Page you should carefully follow pages that are entirely relevant to you. Following irrelevant Pages may end up in waste of time and efforts. Moreover, don't forget to tag relevant accounts in your pictures. Moreover, following accounts that are in the same niche can help in genesis of new ideas.
  • Post Images with fair amount of Description: Using Images in one of the most effective mode of visual communication, however adding relevant description to your post can act as a synergistic medium which can be helpful in engaging and attaining huge audiences. Having adequate amount of description helps effectively to connect with prospects.
  • Do not hesitate from liking and commenting on post of others: Instagram profiles with higher number of followers have used this strategy in the beginning to gain attention of user. With fair amount of likes and comments on other pages you can inform prospects about your business or product. 
  • Use # Hashtag: When it comes to posting on Instagram the use of # cannot be looked down upon. It is proven that using #Hashtags in Instagram Posts have helped in reaching maximum audiences. Taking an Instance of an Instagram account that focuses on posting Quotes, recommended #Hashtags would include #quotes, #success, #motivation and more. The core idea behind using #Hashtags is to promote your posts with what is trending on Social Media. 
  • Interact with your Followers: Interacting without your audiences acts as a bridge to fill in the gap between what you are doing and what you ought to do. Do not hesitate from facing criticism.
  • Use Repost Application: There are plenty of Repost applications available that can assist greatly in increasing reach to target audiences. There are many repost applications available online.
  • Linked Accounts: With Instagram mobile application one can also link their account with other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Ameba and By linking said accounts with your Instagram account you can garner huge following reach among larger audiences in less time and minimal efforts. 
  • Posting on Weekends: On weekdays people tends to remain somewhat inactive on Instagram. and researches have revealed that being active on Weekends can result in attaining more followers than on weekends. 
  • Promotion for Promotion: There's a saying,"you scratch my back and i will scratch yours". If you are looking for free promotions for your Instagram Handle, then what you can do is ask other pages to promote you and in return you will promote theirs.
  • Collaboration: Find an opportunity to collaborate with other well-known accounts. This is more helpful to users of Instagram Business Account.
  • Initiatives: As a marketing and SCR gimmick, you can introduce new initiatives that will draw attention of masses on Instagram. It is highly helpful if you are intending to make your presence felt.
  • Random Likes: This is how it works. In Instagram search you will come across various posts that may be relevant or not. What you got to do is visit relevant post and like comments of other Instagram Users. This strategy has proven to be helpful in converting likes into permanent followers


  1. On the paragraph about hashtags, you have written "When it comes to posting on Instagram the use of # cannot be looked".

    Isn't it meant to be "overlooked" not "looked"?

    I really liked the article though, thank you.

    1. It was supposed to be "looked down upon". It has been rectified and Thank you for pointing it out.

  2. i really like this post because i get followed a lot by people who i don't even know or by spam accounts.

  3. I go agree with many points! Really to grow your following just takes time and loads of interaction with your following!

  4. I’m trying to increase my engagement on Instagram so thanks for the tips. I find the more you use the app, the more your profile is boosted.

  5. These are some really great tips. These seem like they will get you genuine and authentic followers which i feel like is slightly more difficult to come by these days.

  6. These are the things that I'm doing right now. I only have 6k Instagram followers at the moment but I hope I can reach 10k this year.

  7. Great tips. I am currently struggling to increase my instagram follower base. It has been one of the areas of concern. I will take up the advice and work on it. Thank you.

  8. I totally agree with all these ideas, seems so very helpful in order to gain many followers. Thanks for sharing this great informations.

  9. Instagram is the same and the general population who have a great deal of devotees can bring home the bacon off their informal communities.


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