11 Ultimate Small Scale Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Returns

What most individuals are encountered with is the option to start an Entrepreneurial venture or in general, starting a business that requires less capital. This dilemma is mostly experienced by individuals hailing from middle economic class. What we fail to realize is that every big business has had a mediocre beginning and with proper planning it was shaped into a huge conglomerate.

Low Investment is a limitation that can be converted into strength with the help of optimum utilization of financial resources; proper allocation in options that have potential to yield profits in the long run.

There are numerous New Business Ideas with Low Investments that can be explored and exploited in one's own favour. Before embarking on any Entrepreneurial journey, one must remember that being an Entrepreneur or a Businessman is a full-time job that not only has an impact on your life, but also on the lives of others. So before going any further, make sure you are ready to bear all risks and reap fruitful benefits. With proper expertise and knowledge from Entrepreneurial Books, one can create a huge empire.

Here are Top 11 New Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit

  • Event Management and Party PlannerIf you have good management skills, then starting an Event Management venture is one of the possible niches to commence a start up. One can begin with small events and occasion and use experience as a ladder to shape a successful undertaking.
  • Recruitment CompanyIt is quite evident how recruitment companies generate revenue; by acting as a medium to hire right person for the right job for a company. It is a Low Investment and High Profit business and requires less employees in the beginning. Furthermore, there are vast opportunities to increase margin of profit.
  • Selling Products on InstagramTo Sell Products on Instagram Without a Website is a current trend in the world of commerce. Using Instagram to sell products is a business option that reduces capital cost to a great extent. Furthermore, it allows you to interact with customers on one on one level.
  • Hobby AcademyIf you excel at painting, music or other such creativity then it can be transformed into a successful business venture. What you will need is a hall to be used as a class and some fundamental tools and equipment. A long term business option if considered properly.
  • Fashion BoutiqueThis option is suggested for Women Entrepreneurs among us. Moreover, boutique products can be marketed by using Instagram without any complication. Majority of people have successfully expanded Fashion Boutiques into a great venture.
  • Gardening ServicesIf you are passionate about gardening and posses necessary knowledge then it can be shaped in to a business undertaking. One can get listed on look-up websites and provide Gardening Services on reasonable tariffs.
  • Estate AgentThis is one of the most profitable New Business Ideas Low Investment and High Profit as you just serve as a mediator to finalize deals. 
  • Travel Agency BusinessOne of the most sought business idea that has Low Investment and High Profit, and further can be handled single-handedly. However, there is saturation in this market, but with quite precise strategies it can be triumphed.
  • Resume Writing ServiceIf you are well informed about corporate and job trends then serving as a Resume Writer is a considerable option. This services widely sought by fresher’s who have tad knowledge about writing Resume. One can fetch basic guidelines on Resume Writing easily.
  • Car Wash UnitProviding Car wash service is highly beneficial when started at a local scale. All it requires is identifying a sound location and introducing innovative services. It requires less investment and has profitable life in the long run.
  • Bakery ShopA considerable option for individuals who have expertise in cooking and confectionery. With reasonable investment, a Bakery Shop can yield huge profits in long term.


  1. Finally some fresh new business ideas instead of the typical ones you get to see everywhere. Selling products on Instagram is one of the best ways to start a business in my opinion. Although having a decent website will greatly increase your chances of success. Looking forward for more posts like this one!

    1. Thank you for acknowledging our efforts. We are committed to serve you with best entrepreneurial posts.


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